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The data you need today.
The power to drive your future

Monitor your equipment and see your data like never before with Red Lion's Graphical Panel Meter, PM-50. This next-generation graphical panel meter connects you to the information that matters most, where and when you need it most. Unplug your old meter, insert PM-50, connect it to Wi-Fi, and start harvesting your data—creating a smart plant floor has never been easier.

Smarter, Faster, Better.

The PM-50 is the smart panel that will allow you to work smarter. You will be able to respond to issues faster, increase productivity and save money. Its display lets you process information immediately, monitor multiple processes at once, and have vital information sent directly to your smart phone or tablet.

  • Improve efficiency by allowing one employee to easily run multiple machines.
  • Make real-time decisions with simple-to-understand operational data for at-a-glance insights.
  • You will see more than just information, but what the information means, so you can react to it faster.
  • You won't need additional wires to connect to devices, as it offers wire-free connectivity via Wi-Fi, ethernet, and Modbus.
  • Scalable, so you can take advantage of as many of the "smart" features as you want--or don't want. It still works as a simple panel meter.