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RTP Critical Control & Safety (SIL-3)

Since 1968 RTP is being used in a variety of process control and high performance data-acquisition applications in various industries such as Nuclear Power Plants, (petro) chemical industries, steel-, aluminum and glass industry, and railways. We have delivered various RTP-systems to Nuclear Power Plants in Europe. 95% of Nuclear Power Plants Worldwide use RTP for daily operation.

The RTP 3000 TAS Critical Control & Safety (SIL-3) System:

> Runs Faster – 12 – 16ms reaction time.

> Never Stops – offering the highest availability of 99.9999% (6 nines) and highest integrity with an MTTFS of 60.000 years, resulting in high reduction of nuisance trips.

> Costs Less – due to, among others, the unique software licensing policy which includes a site license with all development and runtime licenses for a one time registration fee with support and free software upgrades. The RTP hardware is also offered for an attractive price and includes an unique warranty offering.

Red-Lion Industrial Ethernet

Red-Lion N-TRON series Industrial Ethernet Switches are applied in many industries of which Nuclear Power Plants, power plants, wind mill parks, railways (rolling stock and infrastructure) critical applications in the process industry, steel plants, bridges and locks, water distribution, offshore and more.

Red-Lion N-TRON series Industrial Ethernet Switches have the following characteristics:

  • High MTBF of 1.000.000 upto over 2.000.000 hours,

  • Redundant power supply inputs,

  • Extended Temperature range, up to -40º / +85º Celsius (model dependent),

  • ESD overvoltage protection diodes on all ports,

  • Metal enclosure for DIN-rail mount.

ATEX Ethernet

With the P-Ex series from PRIMATION and the 500 Series from N-TRON, there is a complete range of products available to transport Ethernet to potentially explosive atmospheres.

All current media and speeds can be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres, which enables the installation of a flexible network architecture with high transfer rates in one of the most sensitive industrial sectors.

The operation of HD cameras is just as simple and possible as connecting hand-held scanners and operator terminals with high-resolution displays.