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Unmanaged Ethernet

Red Lion’s unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer simple plug-and-play functionality with reliable performance. Available in an endless range of port options, our rugged switches are set to tackle the demands of industrial data acquisition, control and Ethernet I/O applications.

100 Series Switches

Red Lion’s N-Tron® series 100 unmanaged switches offer an array of port configurations, and features a wide operating temperature range. The budget-saving 100 line provides excellent EMI protection and offer hardened metal DIN-rail mountable enclosures to expand your industrial Ethernet network.   More...

300 Series Switches

Red Lion's N-Tron series 300 unmanaged Ethernet switches offer high reliability and up to 17 ports of connectivity. The 300 line offers excellent EMI protection and hardened metal DIN-rail mountable enclosures to expand your industrial Ethernet network. These switches are also optionally available with N-View™ monitoring technology, which can be found in our Monitored family of products.    More....  

500 Series Switches

Red Lion's N-Tron series 500 unmanaged Ethernet switches offer high reliability, up to 26 ports of connectivity, and options for DIN-rail mountable or rack mounting. The 500 line offers excellent EMI protection and are housed in metal enclosures. These switches are also available with N-View monitoring technology, which can be found in our Monitored family of products, or with advanced Ethernet management features including VLAN, IGMP Snooping, QoS, trunking and port mirroring which can be found in our Managed family of products.    More....

1000 Series Switches

Red Lion's N-Tron series 1000 Gigabit unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches support jumbo frames, offers excellent EMI protection. Housed in a hardened metal DIN-rail mountable enclosure, the 1000 switches are ideal for security and mission-critical applications.   More...